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I am planning need certainly to point out that PJ’s prodigal matchmaking try along with his family unit members

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I am planning need certainly to point out that PJ’s prodigal matchmaking try along with his family unit members

Probably since he has had one to matchmaking on longest. In terms of a wife, PJ is. not a knowledgeable user in the game regarding like.

Perhaps one of the most powerful relationships in children is siblings. PJ and you may Teddy endeavor, but they usually arrange it away. It however, privately love one another because siblings, while they is done opposites. It love both including actual siblings but do not usually reveal they. Throughout Fall-down when Teddy was upset, PJ cheered the woman upwards. Teddy and you will PJ constantly just take converts caring for Charlie.

Bob Duncan

Bob try PJ’s father in addition they love one another very much. Regardless of this not, PJ is apparently worried getting together with your. When Bob questioned in the event that PJ is preparing to have fun, PJ seems off when he has to go fishing together with his dad (“Charlie are step 1”), and PJ refuses to go to an enthusiastic AVM performance along with his father (Material Subscribe.) Yet not, PJ did assist his Bob sign up their band for starters night. Not surprisingly, PJ really does worry about Bob’s ideas and you may doesn’t such as harming or discouraging their father. Whenever PJ happen to trips the very last checklist regarding Bob’s ring, PJ feels crappy and you can helps to make the energy to find Bob’s ring together. PJ is furious from the Bob getting their delivery certificate, in which his name’s revealed since ‘Potty John’ (“Do you Continue a key?”), or when Bob refers to him just like the ‘the sweet one’ (“Appy Days”). Some thing in keeping you to Bob and you may PJ have along with her try that they was indeed both in a ring. Which, PJ’s audio talent most likely arises from their father Bob. In general, they generally possess a close relationship and you will PJ is delighted when Bob was happy with your. In the long run of the show, Bob facilitate PJ put up a beneficial peanut butter and jelly sandwich stay and this PJ names B PJ’s PB J in honor of their father and you can themselves (“B” represents Bob).

Charlie Duncan

PJ enjoys Charlie, however, spends their cuteness discover girls to help you eg your within the “Something’s Fishy” and you may uses this lady to locate money in “Package and you will Kaboodle”. Their cons usually works with the exception of the people in which the guy lies so you’re able to his moms and dads as Charlie try crappy under pressure. She generally speaking let us one thing sneak because of their mouth. Charlie loves PJ. She’s got said thus. She apologized to PJ as he asserted that she’s terrible under some pressure. PJ does not brain babysitting Charlie, but could end up being really reckless every so often. The guy got not the right infant household regarding the park once teasing which have Emma from inside the “Kid Return”. PJ and you can Charlie has a separate relationships PJ likes Charlie extremely far and you can Charlie loves PJ much so they really are romantic. PJ including trained this lady how exactly to state “We wuv PJ” attain hookup sites free female from the shopping mall. This doesn’t end well for your because the their woman falls to own Charlie’s cuteness unlike themselves.

Amy Duncan

Even when the guy cannot tell you they, PJ loves Amy and you may cares for her seriously. Such as Teddy and Gabe, he believes the woman is thus uncool and lame but he’s lied to guard their attitude regarding the collection. PJ is known, that have Gabe, to make enjoyable out-of this lady preparing. PJ is called a much better make next the girl. PJ along, along with his siblings remember that mommy Likes the new spotlight and someone else. On occurrence “Amazing Gracie”, he’s seen driving a switch locate Amy so you can pop music off a big jack-in-the-package. It is very revealed one to PJ and you may Amy have the best relationship with both than Amy does along with the girl most other college students. In one single occurrence, Amy mentions you to PJ are the girl favourite.



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